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Version3Point0! Maybe it should be Version4Point0 now that I'm published as an Indie Author, but we'll deal with that another time. The Blog of Indie Author Timothy S. Villa where I detail the process that is writing and everything related, as well as the odd review and whatever else strikes my fancy. My first book, Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1, a horror short story book, is available now from all major ebook retailers.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1 Order and Preorder Links

Okay so this is the final post before the release, Saturday August 30th, of Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1.  I've mentioned a few places that the book is available for preorder at a number of online retailers, and this is the definitive list of where you can buy it, either early, or once it is released.  (For Kindle users, see below)  The prices listed below are for the preorder and release date only.  The prices will change over time, up and down, depending on a variety of factors, but for now this is the available price.

And in no particular order:

-Via iTunes for $1.99 (Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac)
-Via The Nook by Barnes & Noble for $1.99 (Available for any generation Nook and Nook reading apps. Available in multiple countries)
-Via Google Play Store for $2.10 (Available for any Android or Android reading app)
-Via Smashwords for $1.99 (Available as an ePub and readable on any app or device that reads ePubs)
Via Amazon US (And already for sale) for $1.99 (Available for any generation Kindle and Kindle reading apps.  Available in multiple countries)

Per the Amazon link, yeah, it's already for sale in every market I have access to via Amazon (Amazon.ca, Amazon.uk. Amazon.jp. Amazon.de, and so on.  Just search for the book title and/or my name, Timothy S. Villa, to find it.)  They didn't care about the actual release date.  I already, as of 641 pm CST have three confirmed sales via Amazon. Also, the price in the various foreign (to me) Amazon sites are the equivalent in exchange rates of the US $1.99

I have two free tickets for Smashwords available if anyone wants them.  Just ask for it in the comments, or e-mail via the appropriate links on this blog.  I will contact you with the code.  All you have to do is go to Smashwords, order or preorder the book, and at the checkout enter the code.  This will allow you to get the book for free (100% off!).  It is good from now until September 30th.

I'll post again on Saturday to remind that the book is live everywhere else.

Have a great rest of your week.
Timothy S. Villa

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1 Preoder Status...NOW UPDATED

Some updates for anyone who isn't also keeping track of things at my Official Author Facebook Page.

1.  Here is the final cover for Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1

There isn't much of a difference between this and the first version.  The crown is a little darker and more tarnished looking, so as to stand out on the chair a bit more.  I also have a 3D mock-up of what the print book will eventually look like.  I'm not going to have that available for a few more months for various reasons (most of them financial as it costs a bit more to get things ready for the print version book).

I'm absolutely ecstatic and overjoyed with how the covers turned out.  You always hope for the best and prepare to be disappointed, but I don't think they could have turned out any better.  Great job done by the guys at Ebook Cover Design.  I will definitely be using them for the next few book releases I have planned in my bold publishing efforts (and now that I've made it this far, I have a plan and goal for the next releases, including Exit 63 to be released in December/January, Chase (working title) in May-July, and FINALLY Jupiter Mars to be released in October 2015, with shorts interspersed here and there and maybe volume two of Welcome To The Nightmare sometime in the spring).

2.  There are preorders available for Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1 now for the Saturday August 30th release date at iTunes for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac and at Barnes & Noble for the Nook.  I will have preorder pages available later this week I am pretty sure for Kobo, Page Foundry, and Scribd.  Amazon preorder for The Kindle and free Kindle reading apps will probably not be available until early next week.

3.  I've already given away my first freebie version of the book, and will be doing more giveaways soon.  I plan to offer one here, three on my Official Author Facebook Page, one or two via my Twitter account, and once the author page at Goodreads is a go three or four there.

4.  The list price will be $1.99 for what is about (depending on the format you chose to buy it from) 131 pages and 420kb.  I feel this is the best price point to start with for a new author considering the size of it.  I will be doing promotions as the book is launched and time passes, lowering the price down for limited amounts of time.

5.  There will be an audiobook available via Amazon's Audible in the near future, not read by myself.  I would expect that to be started to be worked on in the next 30 days with maybe a release date of November or December.

And that's it for now.  Thanks to all who have supported me and my efforts since this blog started, and thanks in advance to anyone who has preordered already (I know of one) or will order it in the future.

The preorder is now also available via Kobo.  That's now three places you can preorder the e-book available RIGHT NOW for the August 30th release.

Friday, August 15, 2014


I now have a little thingee on the side where you who read the blog can subscribe to The Indy Author Timothy S. Villa Email Newsletter.  I will be sending those out on a maybe monthly basis (I promise I won't spam your inbox so no worries) detailing the latest news and offering freebies (aka giveaways).  Please sign up to stay fully in touch with me.

Also, I now have a Public Facebook Page, where I will also be detailing things more frequently than I do here.  Feel free to visit and "LIKE" the page at https://www.facebook.com/TimothySVilla

I posted this there, but I am now going to share the first version of the cover to Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1 here.  Enjoy.

Talk soon.  And subscribe!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Welcome To The Nightmare

I've said things like what I'm about to say now before, but I've always wound up stalling out for one reason or another.  I think part of it is fear on my part, part of it is not being able to count on others as you would like, part of it is financial, part of it is leading a rather busy life, and part of it is plain old procrastination.  Let's deal with each part, shall we?

Procrastination:  It's not just a thing to do, it's a way of life.  I procrastinate in my everyday life as well, always have.  Terrible way to be, I admit, but it's a part of me.  So procrastination in my writing life is no surprise really.  To admit to myself that this is what I do and who I am, well, that's not fun or good, but it is a necessity if I'm ever going to get anything done.  Half the time I'd rather sit at the computer and surf or read an article or play Backgammon (oh Internet Backgammon, how you have replaced alcohol as the secondary most destructive vice and addiction I have you temptress you).  Sometimes I'd rather read whatever book or comic I am currently into.  Sometimes it's a movie or TV Show on DVR.  Whatever it may be, it is always something.  Something that will take away the time I had allotted myself to sit down, write (or edit), and accomplish something meaningful.

A Busy Life:  This one is almost a cop out or excuse, but I might as well add it to the list.  I do have a busy life.  In June I switched careers finally (Yay and go me.  Man oh man did I despise the world of printing.), and with it came another new schedule.  I am away from home at work, or travelling to work, from 950pm to 715am.  I sleep from roughly 9am to 430 or 5pm.  In the morning I am eating, relaxing, and getting ready for bed.  In the evening I am waking up (I am not a morning person, and usually need an hour to 90 minutes to become something other than a complete asshole.) and then I am spending quality time with my wife and dogs.  In April I became a grandfather, and we are now pregnant so in January I am expecting my fourth child (with about a 20 year gap between 3 and 4!).  On the weekends it does seem like we always have something happening, plus I try to adjust my sleep schedule so as to have as much time with my wife as possible during the awake hours I have at home.  There are plenty of chores that don't get done, let alone writing.  If this were my actual job I'd have my 40ish hours a week set, like I do at my actual job, and I'd go from there, but this is a side job that currently doesn't pay squat.

Financial:  Writing is free.  I haven't spent a dime, aside from the yearly cost of this domain name I barely use, in years on writing.  That's great.  The other elements I need to continue to move forward to become published, however, are not cheap.  That leads me directly to...

Not Being Able To Count On Others:  I realize others are busy and lead hectic lives too, oftentimes far more so than I do, but when someone agrees or commits to helping someone else out by doing a piece of the process, and not for free usually, as I have offered monetary or other rewards for helping me out, then four months later they haven't followed through, that's going to slow me down.  I am not artistically inclined in any way at all, and I don't know or even really understand squat about the digital tools that would allow me to make my own covers.  But I need a cover to publish a book that I have finally finished writing after overcoming the procrastination, financial, and time restraints I work under.  A cover is the one thing, the only thing really, I can not do myself.  The cover is where I have spent hours worrying, thinking, researching, banging my head, getting frustrated, and then cursing about getting done somehow and some way for under $200.  If the few people I'd relied on earlier this year had come through, chances are I might have a book for sale as of this writing.  But they did not.  Editing I can do myself, but I can only see the same words so many times before I am going to miss the errors I made.  I also have a horrible overuse of comma issue, as anyone who has ever read anything I have ever written can likely attest to.  The preceding paragraphs and sentences included.  So, when someone doesn't meet the timetable I asked them to meet, and usually we are talking weeks if not months of time for them to do what they agreed and/or offered to do, and again not for free usually, then it screws up my timetable.

Fear:  I can have loved ones tell me I am talented everyday for the rest of my life, but that doesn't tell me for sure if I am talented.  I can have friends assure me that I am good, but they are my friends and I can't really trust that they are being 100% honest so as not to spare my feelings.  The judgment of others for a writer, or an artist of any kind, unless you have the toughest skin in the world, is scary.  So when I use any or all of the reasoning above to explain why Welcome To The Nightmare, my short story anthology is not available for purchase just yet, it all really boils down to me being afraid and fearful of mass public rejection and failure.  I've said a million times I no longer care what anyone outside of those I love think of me, and I mean it.  Until it comes to the subject of my writing.  Then I care what everyone thinks and says about me, because this is me baring that part of myself that few people see.  This is me exposing myself and my inner thoughts and feelings in a fictional way for others to look at, point at, and either accept or ridicule.  This is me showing my work and asking you, the reader, consumer, critic, whoever, to judge me and my talent or lack thereof on a very public stage.  That is scary as all hell.  That is mindnumbingly scary.  Paralyze me with fear scary. Cause me to use every excuse I can come up with not to finish so you can't reject or ridicule me scary.

And that are most, if not all, of the reasons that two and half years after I started this journey anew with a purpose and a desire to finally get something out there I still have nothing to try and sell you.

But that's going to change.  Yesterday I finally made progress farther along than ever.

1.  I set upon the first step, of a three step process, to get a professional cover made for Welcome To The Nightmare.  By the end of the day today, I should have moved to step two and by the end of the week I am hoping to have a finished copy of the cover to share with everyone here, on Twitter, and on Facebook as I look for opinions, both good and bad, on what I have purchased.

2.  I made the final cuts for content for the anthology.  The months of wavering about the length of the book and the amount of short stories to include and what order to include them and whether any of them were really truly worth a damn or if I was just deluding myself into thinking anyone at all would ever wish to read anything I wrote let alone pay for it...are over.

3.  I set myself a set in stone will not change will not get pushed back I will release this book on this date release date for Welcome To The Nightmare.  I mean to make this date and not alter it, regardless.  One year ago and a month I began the process of writing the first short story, The Tarnished Crown, that would become the backbone of the book I am going to release later this month.  And seeing as the book only contains four short stories now, the other three having been pulled by me to either rework, trash, or include in the next volume, and all four of those have been completed for at least three months, and in most cases over seven, it was time to, excuse the cliche and the off color comment, shit or get off the pot.

I have chosen to shit.

That may be a terrible analogy for describing my book.  I promise, it is not shit.  That'a a money back guarantee from me to you.

Later this week/weekend to come I will sit back down and share the book cover.  Yes, I am guaranteeing to you that I will be back in less than four months to write another progress report and ask for your feedback. Until then, I offer up the following, which is the available "cover copy" as it currently stands.  As always, your opinion is requested and valued.

What do you think of the following.  If you read it on Amazon or at B&N or Kobo or on a book cover, would this get you to take the next step to maybe purchasing the book?


A woman comes home to a horrifying encounter with the babysitter, which is just the beginning of the weeks long horror that will play out in one house in a small Midwestern town. 
A night at a bar in the middle of nowhere goes wrong when a young woman can’t leave. 
A man’s long dead family just won’t leave him alone. 
A woman finds a beautiful coin she must possess, but the object belongs to a young boy and he will stop at nothing to get it back.

Four short stories of supernatural terror from a new voice in the world of horror fiction.

WELCOME TO THE NIGHTMARE: Volume 1…it’s been waiting for you to arrive, and now that you're here you won't be allowed to leave.

This e-book includes four short stories by Timothy S. Villa and a preview of his upcoming release EXIT 63, totaling over 23,000 words.

Available Saturday August 30th 2014.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Just a quickie post on this Easter Sunday.  Been awhile.  Here I am.  Hi.  Hope your Easter is good.

4/20 and Easter on the same day?  There's a Jesus was a liberal hippie joke there somewhere, but far be it from me to be the one to post it.  Or...ahem, never mind.

So the update.  All's Good In Allgood, The Tarnished Crown Revisted, the final story in the Horror Anthology, is complete, which means barring a few minor revisions, Welcome To The Nightmare, the book's title, is now complete.  The cover is being worked on, editing is underway, and all is moving well. Exit 63 and Chase, are my two full length novels, are each about halfway or more done, and there is zero progress on Jupiter Mars, meaning one of them should be ready for the beta reader process and revisions by late summer to fall, even quicker if I get fired from work tomorrow :)

In other words, I'm pleased with my book progression for the first time in quite awhile.  Welcome To The Nightmare may be available to buy on Nook and Kindle as e-books and as a paperback via Createspace on Amazon by early June?  Probably.

Have a great Holiday!

P.S.  The Tarnished Crown, the first story in Welcome To The Nightmare is still free here on this blog.  Love thoughts on it if you have the time or inclination.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jupiter Mars, The Tarnished Crown, and Future Plans

Yesterday I updated this blog for the first time in roughly five months.  Yesterday I also posted, for free, the first three "chapters" in the first Jupiter Mars story.  JM has been in existence as an idea for two years and one month, and what I posted yesterday has been written, although HEAVILY revised more times than I care to try and count, for twenty two months roughly.  If you were to go back to February or March of 2012, you would see the exact post where I started the writing of the "book".

(I am using quotation marks here because plans have changed and I am going to do something I never thought I'd do in the coming months.)

Over the summer, while off of work dealing with my bladder cancer, I wrote six short stories, two of which were submitted to horror anthologies for publication.  One made it a few rounds into the process and that was all before it was rejected.  The other, The Tarnished Crown, I am still, believe it or not, waiting to hear back from six plus months later.  In December I started a horror novel that sits at 40k words roughly on the first draft and might be one of the most gruesome things I've ever written, although the horror short I'm With The Band I wrote this summer/fall is a close second.

I turned 42 on December 12th of last year.  I should be farther along with this,  I made myself promise after promise and goal after goal.  I never met any of them.  While I was so very pleased with the process of the horror novel WIP, I've hit a wall and writing has fallen off.  I started doing some work on JM again on Friday, and I have a plan as mentioned above, but I should be farther, I know this.  I should have something out there to sell or at least be ready to go with something for sale.  I look at my shorts and wonder if I should release all of them, whether bundled or individually, but doing so requires the money to get a cover at the very least made for e-book release.  I don't have that right now.  If I do something myself, and as every indie author knows this is a very doable possibility, I worry at the shitness of what I will create,  If I want to be as professional as I truly want to be, then I also need to get someone to do the professional editing and professional formatting that I need.  All of which, again, costs money that is not free and clear to me at the moment.

Another thing I worry about it do I release the horror works under a pseudonym or do I release JM under it?  Once upon a time I would have kept everything under my name, the name on this blog, but now I worry about releasing JM which is more YA under the same name as my horror work, which is so very adult.  Just a side note here.

So yesterday, really on a whim, I decided to post the first three "chapters".  I was curious what might happen. The numbers on this blog are not now nor have they ever been what I would call high.  People seem to find me from all over the world and they read the rambling stuff I post.  I don't know how someone in Singapore finds me, but they do.  I'm happy with that.  I understand where a lot more of my traffic comes from (FB, Twitter, and a few other social media forums I do or once did participate in) and I understand that segment of my audience.  Whether I update or not, I seem to get around 30-50 views a week.  Not all unique.  Some from the same people over and over again.  Since I posted the "chapters" of JM I have roughly 120 views, over half of them specifically on the new content from yesterday and half of them unique views.  Which means since it was posted at least 30 people might have taken the time to read the excerpt from JM.  Possibly thirty people who, maybe maybe maybe times infinity, might be intrigued enough to purchase JM in the coming months.  I like that maybe might possibility quite a lot.

Here's the plan:

  1. Today I am going to post, again on here and again for free, a complete short story from the six I wrote this summer.  It will go up for free for an undetermined period of time.  
  2. In the next 3-4 months I am going to release that horror collection onto Kindle for sure.  I am still undecided if I wish to go KDP Select or go ahead and release the thing all over the place.  That means in the next 2-3 months I need to find someone to do a cover for me that will go with it.  On this I am looking at going cheaper, although I can not imagine doing it myself.  I will keep the editing and formatting in house (meaning I won't be paying for a professional editor and/or formatter.)
  3. In the next 4-5 months I will be releasing the first part of JM.  I'm looking at serializing it, as it is so big and unwieldy I can't seem to break it down enough to get it into a size that would make me happy for a single novel release.  This I want the whole enchilada on, but a lot of that is going to be how much, if any, I can make on the horror collection as I plan to put all of that potential income into getting future releases ready and properly covered, edited, and formatted.
  4.  The plan then is to release another part of JM every 1-3 months until the first "novel" is finished, and then collect them all into one way to big first volume.  
  5. Three and four are subject to change if I am able to crack the problem I have of the damn thing being so big.
  6. In the next 6-8 months I want to release the horror novel I have over half done, again with professionally done everything.  

I do not expect to make a living doing this.  I never have.  I do not expect that I will be able to walk into work in the next year and quit, allowing me to write full-time (although how nice would that be?).  I just want to be out there.  I simply want to give others, whoever and wherever they may be, a chance to have a few hours of enjoyment from something I created.  I'm not writing any great American novels, I gave that idea up a long time ago.  I am simply writing speculative fiction with an eye towards entertaining.  That I can accomplish.

Sometime today The Tarnished Crown will go up here on this blog live, for free, until I take it down.  It is an adult horror story, and as such it is filled with adult themes, language, and visuals.  You have been warned.

Friday, August 16, 2013

If You Could Read My Mind: a Short Horror AnthologyIf You Could Read My Mind: a Short Horror Anthology by S.A. Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wanted to go through the "nine" short stories inside and look at them all individually, thus supporting my *** review, which is actually closer to 3.5*s.

-Talent Show is the tale of an Artificial Intelligence.  I don't want to say much, mainly because the more i say I think the more that is taken away from the story.  It is a nice little story that works best, I think, going in blind.  The one fault I found with it was the decision to write it in first person.  Doing such requires the narrator (and our protagonist) to explain thew world she lives in in such a way that does not ring true.  She explains things that seem unnecessary and yet are almost integral to understanding the story.  Just a personal opinion, but it felt that it would have benefited the story were it told in third person.  Rating:  ****.5

-Police Transcript is the second story, and I must admit I was so unable to engage with this story that I quit reading it.  Three attempts to go back to it gave me the same result and feelings.  I didn't like the format (although it was inventive) and I think that was the majority of my problem.  Rating:  *

-That Terrible Thing was a really well written, creepy, tense little story that ultimately left me unfulfilled.  Either i missed something, or the basis for the title was never revealed.  I will readily admit it simply might have gone over my head, but I don't think that was the case.  In any event, S.A. Hunt was able to convey the tension and dread within the words in such a way that I actually got goosebumps a time or two.  I started out thinking we had a haunting type of story, and it was that, just not like I anticipated.  I want to rate this one *****, but alas I can't.  Rating:  ****

-Muppets was fun, alarming, and over the top all at the same time.  Another story where I won't divulge anything at all about, other than it is a descent into madness that actually made me laugh out loud twice while also being terribly frightening.  Well done.  Rating:  *****

-Traphouse is another of the tales where it was superb (and actually if I am correct connects with the second to last story in the collection) but the end left a lot to be desired.  I didn't feel we ever really got a proper resolution for one, nor that I ever understood why anyone in the story with the exception of the husband did anything they did.  Unsatisfying at best.  Rating:  **

-Chimneysweep was superb.  Much like Muppets, it was fun, silly, and over the top, but just horrifying enough to make it's inclusion in this tale make perfect sense.  No spoilers at all, but it wound up being my favorite story in the book I think.  Rating:  *****

-Pocket Change is the antithesis of Chimneysweep for me.  I finished this one, and the idea is even a good one, but there was nothing about the execution or the characters I liked.  Rating:  *

-The Hidden is the final, and by far the longest as it takes up about 30% of the book alone, story in the book.  It is also the one that is the most scary and unsettling.  It is the tale of a man who works in a psychiatric hospital and the "are they or are they not supernatural" events that transpire, all of them linked to a young female patient locked in a room by herself.  While the story didn't need a few elements it contained, and at least one character shows up, acts like a caricature, and then disappears all the while adding nothing of note or substance, it was all in all well told and very intriguing.  There is a minor fail at the end with the structure of the novel and the tense chosen, but it doesn't destroy the integrity of the story at all.  I just find myself thinking things through maybe a tad too much.  Loved this one overall.  Rating:  ****.5

-Dry Leaves is actually an excerpt from S.A. Hunt's full length novel "The Whirlwind In The Thorn Tree".  I have purchased that book but have yet to read it, and as such I did not want to read what is called "Chapter Twenty-Seven" here.  I passed it, but because of the reasons I said nothing to do with content.  As such, I am only counting the eight previous shorts in my final review.

4*s, or as I said above closer to 3.5, is not an indictment of the book at all.  I think it is better than average when it comes to other horror anthologies or short story collections I have read.  I heartily recommend the book and look forward to reading the full length novel from S.A. Hunt.  I also wouldn't mind a follow-up to The Hidden at some point.  Well done.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Short Story Saturday Times Two

Apparently that's the way it's going.

Last weekend I sat down on Friday afternoon after I had (admittedly) a weak poem starting to run through my head and began a short story titles The Tarnished Crown, a 3600 word short story. Yesterday I sat down and started a story titled The Last Will And Testament Of Carter Johnson, a 3800 word short story.  I came up with this story as I laid in falling asleep on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  Thursday I mind wrote the opening two paragraphs before I dozed off.  Friday morning after a few hours of waking, drinking my coffee, and getting my day started I wrote out those first couple of paragraphs, working on it off and on as the day went and the ending of the tale finally came to me.  It was finished last night around 7pm.  This afternoon I finished the rewrite and, barring any massive changes that come to me, it's complete.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Short Story WILL Be Available For Purchase, Sooner Than Later

Yesterday I began a short story based on the first few lines of a poem or song that was going through my head:

Do not envy he who wears
the tarnished crown atop his head
for surely it is only a matter of time
before he will be dead.
Do not covet the tarnished crown
and keep it from your sight.
To want it for your very own
you'll be dead before this night.

There's more to it now, but at the time I (roughly) had these few lines running through my head.  I sat down at the computer and started writing.  A few hours later I had to leave to run to the store to get some things for dinner, but I felt confident that I had something that was workable and something that I kind of liked.

This morning I sat back down and started working on it again, and by nine it was done.  The final count, after a third revision, is 3,681 words.  I'm pleased with it.  I've sent it out to a few of my new beta readers (since older beta readers are gone from my life or simply never read what they said they would to begin with) and in the next week it's going to be submitted to an anthology book.  Odds are pretty high it won't be accepted, but I've decided that's okay.  If/when it's not included* then I am going to release this one myself.  For sure it's going to wind up as an e-book short on Kindle, and possibly other formats as well.  I've sent out feelers for potential artists to work on the cover for a percentage of all revenue made from the story in the single format with the use of that cover for the duration of time that cover is used as well.  Once I've gone that route, assuming I go that route and it's not bought for the anthology, then I'll have to figure out how to adjust the blog here so that I can feature permanent links to the sites that will be selling either the single e-book short or the anthology itself.  

Long story short, something will be available with my name on it for sale sooner than later, and oddly enough it is a short story that two days ago didn't even exist at all.  

Feeling good.

*  I'm staying positive, more or less, as I said "if/when it's not included" and not just "when it's not included".  Go me.